Japanese Surrenders at Government House, Rangoon
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12 September 1945

Japanese Surrenders at Government House, Rangoon

people Louis Mountbatten General Aung San General Ichid Jiro Brigadier E.P.E Armstrong

မြန်မာဘာသာဖြင့် ဖတ်ရန်

On 12 September 1945, General Ichida Jiro (Acting Chief of Staff Burma Area Army) formally surrendered to Brigadier E.P.E. Armstrong (Chief of Staff to Lt-General Sir Montague Stopford, GOC-in-Chief 12th Army Burma) at Government House, Rangoon. On the same day, Lord Louis Mountbatten, Supreme Allied Commander South East Asia received the Japanese surrender in Singapore. Five days earlier on 7 September, Lord Mountbatten and General Aung San signed an agreement at Kandy in Ceylon to absorb up to 5,200 men of "Patriotic Burma Forces" into the "British Burma Army" and form a single new "Burma Army". Three years later the country would not only be independent but also in a civil war.

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