Lost Footsteps
Lost Footsteps

Myanmar's Neighbours Past and Present

1 January 1947 - 27 May 1964
Burma’s great friend, Pandit Nehru

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru died in 27 May 1964. He was always a great friend of Burma and visited many times from the 1930s onwards. This is a photograph of him with General Aung San, taken on New Year's Day 1947 at Delhi's Safdarjung airport. General Aung San was on his way to London for talks on Burmese independence. Pandit Nehru realized General Aung San's tropical outfit would not be suitable for London, which was then experiencing one of its coldest...

Mere Piya Gaye Rangoon ("My husband went to Rangoon")

This is one of the most famous songs in India - "Mere Piya Gaye Rangoon" ("My husband went to Rangoon").  It's from the 1949 hit movie "Patanga"

Rangoon for many Indians was a place of prosperity, a place to reinvent your life and be free.  One Indian family now in the United States told me it was their "first America".  

In this song, the wife talks only of missing her husband.  The husband tells her that he is living...

Northwest Yunnan, a place of stunning natural beauty.

Just across the border from Kachin State is the first bend of the Yangtze River. Many of the people of this area speak Naxi, a language closely related to Burmese (Myanmar) and more distantly to Jingpo/Jinghpaw and other Tibeto-Burman langauges. The Naxi kingdom was an independent kingdom until the 1950s.

Why relations with China is important

Getting relations with China right are critical for the country's economic future and for the success of the ongoing peace talks. Myanmar is today next door to the greatest industrial revolution of the 21st century - the lives of ordinary people will be shaped more by how it handles (or mishandles) this position than by almost anything else. Every major turn in Chinese history has had an enormous impact on Myanmar, from the Mongol conquests to the fall of the...